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What ideas were expressed and how...

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  1. London
    1. What ideas?
      1. August 1643- Death, loss of property of war blamed on London
        1. Royalist: Berkenhead (Aug 1643) says how London to blame for dissolving Monarchy, enslaving law and ruining country
          1. Pro-Parliament pamphlet: July 1648: London was the first to oppose oppression, first leader towards freedom
            1. Long Parliament issues
              1. Definition of consent in terms of the king and people
                1. Debate to understand commoners wants
                  1. Authority and reason in society
                    1. Government affairs becoming more open: king's advisors
                      1. Governing elite extend political discussion to the people
                        1. Managing politicised population: use to push policies, control to prevent social breakdown
                        2. City council radicals place people, not king at centre of political process. ****
                        3. How were they expressed?
                          1. In Pamphlets
                            1. Direct action: London Crowd January 1642
                              1. Standoff at Turnham Green: Lord Brooke rallies London merchants
                                1. Wives Billingsgate fishmongers marched behind goddess of war for Parliament
                                2. In the Long Parliament
                                  1. By petition: 1643 City Council 'Petition and Remonstrance' ****
                                3. Pampheleteering
                                  1. What ideas?
                                    1. Discredit Charles/Royalists
                                      1. 2: Intro: King's counsels wholly managed by the queen
                                        1. 2: Suspend anti-catholic legislation, bring Catholic army, from King to Marquis of Ormond
                                      2. 3: Attacking New Model Army religious radicalism
                                        1. 4:Defending the true reformed Protestant religion
                                          1. 5: Presbyterian puritans argue against advocates of form of Congregationalism from New World
                                            1. 6: Preferring compulsory membership of reformed state church vs religious liberty
                                              1. Opinionated commentary and satirical cartoons criticising either side
                                              2. How were they expressed?
                                                1. 1: Newspapers
                                                  1. 10+ titles, weekly basis
                                                  2. 2: The King's Cabinet Opened
                                                    1. Fled Naseby 1645
                                                      1. Pro-Parliament printers publish within month
                                                      2. Pamphlets
                                                        1. 3: such as Thomas Edward's
                                                          1. 4: 1640-43, 400 pamphlets
                                                            1. 5: By 1643
                                                              1. 6: By 1647
                                                          2. New Model Army
                                                            1. What ideas?
                                                              1. 2: Subvert the church
                                                                1. Richard Baxter
                                                                  1. Puritan zealots ie Cromwell
                                                                  2. 1: Oppose the king
                                                                    1. Civilian religious separatism
                                                                    2. How were they expressed?
                                                                      1. 2: By fighting against "the Antichrist" or Papist soldiers
                                                                        1. 1: By fighting him on the battlefield
                                                                          1. Congregational Church at Dagger Lane in Hull, founded by local garrison chaplain John Canne
                                                                        2. Definitions
                                                                          1. A departure from tradition
                                                                            1. Support for complete political or social reform
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