GCSE Product Design (Paper, Board and Card)

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GCSE Product Design (Paper, Board and Card)


  • be able to identify common papers such as layout, cartridge, tracing, grid, card, corrugated card, duplex board, solid white board, foam core board; • understand the different properties and uses of such materials both as a media for communication and as a material for manufacturing products such as packaging; • understand the availability of common components e.g. to fasten, seal, hang, pour, join, bind, index; • understand that many paper based boards are laminated to other materials and that the composition can be adjusted to create different properties for specific purposes e.g. foil-backed for food packaging; • understand the stock forms for paper/card materials i.e. size, thickness, weight and colour; • have a basic understanding of the source of pulp and the primary processes involved in conversion to workable materials.
  1. Paper making process - http://www.paperonline.org/uploads/paper%20making.pdf
    1. Sustainability
      1. Recyclable
        1. Sustainable resource
          1. Environmentally friendly
            1. Pulp (wood/paper/card/board)
          2. Paper
            1. Layout
              1. Translucent
              2. Cartridge
                1. Textured surface
                2. Tracing
                  1. Grid paper
                    1. Square
                      1. Isometric
                        1. Perspective
                        2. Bleed proof
                        3. Card/Board
                          1. Corrugated card
                            1. Cow gum used
                            2. Duplex board
                              1. Different colour and texture on each side
                              2. Solid white board
                                1. Foam core board
                                  1. Laminated polystyrene between board
                                  2. Klett
                                    1. Double sided tape used to stick corrugations
                                    2. Mounting card
                                    3. Stock forms
                                      1. Thickness
                                        1. Colour
                                          1. Size
                                            1. Weight
                                              1. Paper/card below 200 g/p/m
                                                1. Board above 200 g/p/m
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