work of an archaeologist - key terms:


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work of an archaeologist - key terms:
  1. Artefact : an item found under ground from history
    1. Carbon dating : using the radioactive carbon in an item to find out how old it is
      1. primary source : is something that comes directly from the past e.g a letter
        1. secondary source: it contains info. about a period in history e.g history book
          1. Pre-History : time before evidence of the past was written down
            1. Rescue/salgyvage archaelogy: when an old building is being replaced , archaelogists will see if they can learn anything from the place long ago
              1. Museum: artefacts stored here
                1. archive: stores papers like letters or diaries
                  1. stratigraphy: date artefacts by looking at the layer of earth which it was found
                    1. dendrochronology: count a piece of woods rings , each ring equals one year
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