American Strategy and Tactics-Vietnam War

Millie Berrett
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Cambridge IGCSE and GCSE History Mind Map on American Strategy and Tactics-Vietnam War, created by Millie Berrett on 03/03/2014.

Millie Berrett
Created by Millie Berrett over 5 years ago
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American Strategy and Tactics-Vietnam War
1 Aerial Bombing
1.1.1 Regular air attacks on North Vietnam
1.1.2 Dropped bombs on key positions in order to cripple North Vietnam's economy
1.1.3 Make it difficult for supplies to reach the Viet Cong
1.1.4 Lasted from March 1965-November 1968
1.1.5 Only intended to last 8 weeks but lasted a total of 3 years
1.1.6 1 million tons of bombs were dropped
1.1.7 US hoped that operation Rolling Thunder might halt the flow of Northern troops into the South
1.2.1 Not very accurate
1.2.2 Sometimes Us troops ended up getting bombed
1.2.3 Civilans were often hurt as well as enemy troops
1.2.4 Air strikes were called to places where there may or may not be enemy troops so therefore it may have been a waste of time and resources
1.2.5 Difficult to get the bombs to hit the target directly
2 Napalm
2.1 Bombs that when in contact with the ground released flaming petroleum jelly
2.2 Like a burning shower
2.3 Stuck to anything: Houses, forest, human skin
2.4 Sprayed from US planes and river boats
2.5 400,000 tons of napalm was dropped by the US on to suspected enemy targets
3 Defoliants
3.1 Destroyed plants
3.2 US had problems finding out where the Ho Chi Minh trail was
3.3 Defoliants were sprayed over suspected parts of the traiil
3.4 By destroying the plants it made it easier to see supplies being moved
3.5 Over 4 million Vietnamese civilians were exposed to the poisonous gasses
3.6 Over 400,00 deaths related to Agent orange
3.7 500,00 children born with birth defects linked to the acids
3.8 Got into water supplies
3.9 77 million litres of defoliant sprayed over vietnam
3.10 Best defoliant known as Agent Orange
4 Search and Destroy
4.1 Idea to find the Viet Cong in the Jungle and in villages
4.2 Began in 1965
4.3 Viet Cong disguised as civilians
4.3.1 Made it hard for US to tell the difference between peasants and the Viet Cong
4.4 Mai Lai masscre
4.4.1 March 16th 1968
4.4.2 Fired at civilians in the Village
4.4.3 harmless people injured and killed
4.4.4 Many men were at work so not affecteed
4.5 Zippo raids
4.5.1 burnt down huts
4.6 Unsuccessful
4.7 made the Vietnamese hate the Americans more
4.7.1 More Viet Cong Support
5 Strategies
5.1 Strategic Hamlets were set up in 1962
5.1.1 Peasants hated this idea and many joined the Viet Cong
5.1.2 US moved villagers away from Viet Cong
5.2 Idea was to isolate the Viet Cong from Villages
5.3 Blockaded ports to stop supplies
5.4 Bombarded positions where aircraft carriers were
5.5 Pineapple Bombs dropped on Villages creating pressure in hospitals