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GCSE History (Medicine) Mind Map on Galen, created by Olivia Brooklyn on 03/03/2014.

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1 Performed a public dissection on a pig
1.1 People believed the heart controlled the body and not the brain
1.2 Performed in public to prevent 'quack doctors' using his theory
1.2.1 'Quack doctor' - taking other theories and using them as their own
2 Proved theories and educated people
3 Aimed to explain every part of the body / its purpose / how it works together
4 Things hindered Galens studies
4.1 Religious beliefs
4.1.1 Church didn't agree with dissecting bodies (there was no law however it was frowned upon)
4.2 Romans renamed Greek gods
5 Made mistakes
5.1 Dissected humans but never animals
5.1.1 Anatomy incorrect
6 Wrote 250 books
6.1 Translated in to Latin / Hebrew / Arabic
7 Advised doctors to see inside bodies
7.1 Go to Alexandria in Greece to see bodies while in surgery
8 Worked with Gladiators
8.1 Job allowed him to see inside bodies when looking after injuries
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