The Role of Education, Functionalism and the New Right

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The Role of Education, Functionalism and the New Right
  1. Functionalism
    1. A consensus approach
      1. Durkheim
        1. Social Solidarity
          1. o make people feel the are part of a single "body" or community. School transmits society's culture and acts as a "society miniature" to prepare kids
          2. Specialist Skills
            1. Modern industrial economies have a complex division of labour where even the production of one item may involve the co operation of many specialists.
              1. Education teaches individuals the specialist skills they need to play their part in the social division of labour
          3. Parsons
            1. Learn unversalistic Standards
              1. Teaches children that in society that we are all viewed as the same and we all have the same rules
              2. Teaches Shared values of society
                1. Shows that status is achieved not ascribed. You can change your status depending on how hard you work
                2. Facilitates Meritocracy
                  1. The idea that everyone has the same opportunities
                3. Davis and Moore
                  1. Assessing children to how they act, their abilities ect. school helps assign them to the job they are most suited to
                  2. Criticisms
                    1. There is evidence that equality of opportunity does not exist either in school or society, achievement is influenced by class, ethnicity ect.
                      1. The New Right argue that education does not teach the specialist skills needed in society as some school subjects show limited usefulness in work
                    2. The New Right
                      1. They share the functionalist view that some people are naturally more talented than others and so favour a meritocratic school system
                        1. However they do not think that the current system does this because it is run by the state
                        2. They argue the state uses education to impose their own views and impose a one size fits all education system
                          1. Chubb and Moe
                            1. Argue state education has failed to create equality of opportunity
                              1. They propose the marketisation of education by giving parents vouchers to spend on their choice of school, making it the schools main source of income
                              2. The role of the state
                                1. The state imposes the framework for schools in which they must compete e.g. league tables
                                  1. The state should also transmit a single shared culture by imposing a single national curriculum and so oppose multi cultural education
                                  2. Criticsms
                                    1. In rural areas there are no opportunities for a market as there is no other schools to go to
                                      1. The real cause of low educational standards is social inequality and not state control
                                        1. Marxists argue the single national identity is the culture of the dominant R/C
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