AQA AS Biology Cell Cycle

Sarah H-V
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A Levels Biology Mind Map on AQA AS Biology Cell Cycle, created by Sarah H-V on 03/05/2014.

Sarah H-V
Created by Sarah H-V over 5 years ago
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AQA AS Biology Cell Cycle
1 1. Interphase
1.1 G1
1.1.1 New cell grows and carries out normal functions
1.2 S Phase
1.2.1 The cell's DNA is replicated - each chromosome becomes double stranded
1.3 G2
1.3.1 The second growth phase
2 2. Prophase
2.1 Nuclear envelope and nucleus disappears
2.2 Chromosomes condense and become visible under a microscope
3 3. Metaphase
3.1 Spindle fibres form
3.2 Chromosomes line up at the cell equator
4 4. Anaphase
4.1 Spindle fibres attach to the centromere of the chromosomes
4.2 Sister chromatids are pulled to opposite poles of the cell
5 5. Telophase
5.1 Cytokinesis begins
5.2 Nucleolus and nuclear envelope reforms
5.3 Chromosomes become invisible under a microscope