Pilgrimage of Grace - were the risings of 1536 one rebellion or many?


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Pilgrimage of Grace - were the risings of 1536 one rebellion or many?
  1. Prior to it, there was the Lincolnshire Rising which began shortly after the closing of Roche Abbey.
    1. Visitations were unpopular as they challenged institutions which were valued for their social and economic importance.
      1. The rising wasn't against Henry but Cromwell's actions towards the Catholic religious houses
        1. Shoemaker Nicholas Melton led LR supported by gentry, priests and armed monks
          1. At least 10,000 assembled at Lincoln and several articles drawn up combining grievances of gentry & commons
          2. Lincolnshire Rising helped inspire more widespread Pilgrimage of Grace which broke out in North as result of religious changes
            1. Lawyer Robert Aske dispatched letters calling on men to occupy York. Then arranged for expelled monks and nuns to return to houses
              1. Government's response: caught off guard as the Pilgrims held control over the North
                1. As this force was bigger than Henry could manage, he sent delegation led by Duke of Norfolk
                  1. Rebels gave 5 Articles. Truce signed for Elleker & Bowes to meet King; promised clemency if rebels dispersed but about 100 executed
              2. Concerns were raised about confiscation of churches; also rumours they were after gold, jewels, plates and extra taxes
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