The Big Three

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Descriptions of the the Big Three and what they wanted from the Treaty of Versailles

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The Big Three
1 Georges Clemenceau
1.1 The French Leader suffered a lot from the war as most of the battle were fought on French and Belgian land. He saw the Treaty of Versailles as a chance to cripple Germany
1.2 He wanted to split Germany up into smaller states and pay very large reparations
1.3 He was nicknamed 'The tiger' because he was so ferocious
2 Woodrow Wilson
2.1 The President of the USA was an idealist who didn't think the Treaty should be too harsh as Germany is not the only country to blame
2.2 He wrote the Fourteen points of what he wanted to achieve at the Paris Peace Conference
2.3 He wanted Global disarmament
2.4 He wanted to set up the League of Nations
2.5 He thought if Germany was punished too hard, they would one day want revenge!
2.6 He wanted small countries to have self-determination
3 David Lloyd George
3.1 Great Britain wanted Germany to lose its navy as Britain is an island and to lose it's colonies, things which Britain had
3.2 He wanted Germany to be able to trade with them like they had once done
3.3 He had public pressure back home as there was an election coming up and he needed to satisfy the people and so he sided with Clemenceau
3.4 Agreed with Wilson about Germany wanting revenge

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