1947 Independance Act

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1947 Independance Act
1 Key Individuals
1.1 Lord Mountbatten (Viceroy)
1.1.1 Viceroy of India 1947, Became Governor-General of India 1947-48
1.2 Muhammad Jinnah
1.2.1 Became Governor-General of Pakistan
1.3 Jawaharlal Nehru
1.3.1 First Prime Minister of new independant India 1947-64
1.4 Sardar Patel
1.4.1 Represented congress in interim goverment
1.5 Liaquat Ali Khan
1.5.1 Became First Prime Minister of Pakistan
2 Key Events
2.1 Plan Balkan
2.1.1 3rd May- proposed that provinces could decide whether or not to become autonomous or join larger group
2.1.2 Nehru rejected- fear that India would become Ulstered
2.2 Menon Plan
2.2.1 3rd June- V.P. Menon asked by Mountbatten to turn 2nd cabinet mission into credible document
2.2.2 Massively rushed- completed in a matter of hours
2.2.3 Stated that there would be 2 new dominion states within the commonwealth
2.2.4 Bengal and Punjab would be able to vote to decide whether to remain with India or join Pakistan
2.2.5 Based on 1935 Goverment of India act
3 Groups affected
3.1 Hindu's
3.1.1 India would remain hindu state- famous leaders such as Gandhi wanted a united India but in the end happy to comprimise to avoid civil war
3.2 Muslims
3.2.1 Happy that they now have new muslim state- unhappy though that they don't get the whole of Punjab as previously promised by Jinnah
3.3 Sikhs
3.3.1 Sikh political leader Tara Singh claimed right to autonomous sikh state- Jinnah offered him auntonomy of holy Amritsar within Pakistan- rejected
3.4 Princely states
3.4.1 Bullied into joining new states
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