Main themes in Russian history

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Main themes in Russian history
1 Change from above
1.1 Russia had a strong political, social and economic change from above, meaning change was from rulers or by gov.
1.2 1855 - 1881 - Alexander II launched another period of change.
1.3 1917 - 1924 Lenin forced through reform from above.
1.3.1 Due to mainly democratic politics - ruled by autocrats or dictators.
2 Revolution
2.1 1905 revolution - resulted in October manifesto = creation of Duma/
2.2 Feb. 1917 - Revolution resulted in abdication of the Tsar and end of the 300 years of rule by Romanov family.
2.3 October rev. 1917 - Creation of world's first communist state. Transformation in social, economic and political structure of Russia.
3 War
3.1 1854 - 56 = Crimean War. Defeat was major reason for Alexander II reforms in 1860s.
3.2 1904 - 05 = Russia fought Japan in a war over the far east. Russias defeat helped fuel revolution during 1905.
3.3 WWI
3.3.1 Huge social and economic strains.
3.3.2 Defeat undermined the authority of the Tsar and helped bring him down in the February revolution 1917.
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