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OT Mind Map By: Erich Bauer
1 4. Abraham
1.1 Abram was name changed to Abraham
1.2 Abraham was promised many things by God
1.3 Abraham was promised a whole nation and land of many descendants
1.4 Abraham had a wife named Sarah, and they lived in Ur
1.5 They were blessed with a son named Isaac
1.6 God told Abraham to kill his son as a test and stopped him right before Abraham did it
2 1. Creation (Gen 1-2)
2.1 God created world in 7 days and then rested.
2.2 Everything was good that was created
2.3 He made man in his own image
2.4 He made a woman to be with the man
2.5 Everything we know today was created God
2.6 Made our waters and land
3 2. The Fall (Gen 3-4)
3.1 There was one tree Adam and Eve were not to eat from
3.2 There was serpent that started talking to Eve about the trees she could eat from
3.3 When they eat from the tree, their eyes will be opened
3.4 Once they ate, they realized they were naked
3.5 There were many punishments for eating the forbidden fruit
3.6 God was very displeased
4 7.. Joshua and the Judges
4.1 Joshua was chosen to be the prophet after Moses
4.2 There wasn't one big ruler so there were judges
4.3 Judges worked together to solve cases
4.4 All the big problems were brought to Joshua
4.5 Joshua also sent spies to scout out the promised land
4.6 Joshua and judges led the Israelites to many victories
5 6. Mt. Sinai and giving of the law
5.1 The Hebrews had been traveling for 2 months
5.2 They cam to Mt. Sinai where Moses went up the mountain
5.3 God talked to him telling him how they were lucky to be led out of Egypt
5.4 God said that if they obey his commandments then he would bless them
5.5 God wrote the ten commandments they had with his finger on stone
5.6 Moses was up there for 40 days and 40 nights
6 5. Joseph
6.1 Joseph was the 2nd youngest of his many brothers
6.2 Joseph was Jacob's favorite son
6.3 All the other sons were jealous because Joseph was given a colored coat
6.4 The brothers sold Joseph into slavery
6.5 They told their father that Joseph was dead
6.6 Joseph became a great leader of Egypt
7 8. King David
7.1 David killed Goliath as a young boy and later became a powerful king
7.2 Everyone loved David and he won many battles with his great army
7.3 David saw a woman named Bathsheba and loved her
7.4 He did the deed with her and found out she was pregnant
7.5 He killed her husband and married her
7.6 David and Bathsheba had a son named Solomon who later become a king like David
8 3. Noah and the flood
8.1 God punished the world because everyone was sinning
8.2 God would flood the earth killing everyone
8.3 Noah was Told to built an arch because he was righteous
8.4 He would bring two of every animal
8.5 Only Noah and his family would survive
8.6 Lasted for 40 days and 40 nights
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