Sergei Witte - The Great Spurt

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Sergei Witte - The Great Spurt
1 Impact of the Witte system
1.1 Coal, iron and oil production rose.
1.1.1 Russia still lagged behind other Great Powers.
1.2 1903 - most of railway complete.
1.3 1900 - half of industrial workforce employed in factories.
1.3.1 Large cities grew at a phenomenal rate. Poor living and working conditions. Development of social unrest and radical alternatives.
2 Aim to make the Russian economy strong enough to maintain Great Power title.
2.1 Lacked industrialisation factors:
2.1.1 Very small business class - class that was central to development of European economies in 19th century.
2.1.2 Peasants did not have complete freedom of movement - limited migration of workers into cities.
2.1.3 Economy did not have sufficent funds to invest in industrial development - couldnt produce enough surplus grain to raise money.
3 Witte System
3.1 Gov. placed emphasis on capital goods - iron and steel, coal and machinery.
3.2 Economic development financed from abroad. Also, Russias extra taxes were levied on already over-taxed peasantry.
3.3 Trans-Siberian Railway
3.3.1 Run 700km across Russia - from St. Petersburg to Vladivostock
3.3.2 Provided communication needed to explot Siberian economy.

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