Radical Parties

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Radical Parties
  1. Populists
    1. Looked to peasantry as basis of future society.
      1. Disliked the autocratic rule of Tsars.
        1. Wanted to replace it with system of gov. based on independant peasant communes - very local democracy.
          1. Strong central gov. fade away.
        2. Made of educated, middle class.
          1. People's Will
          2. Lead to SD and SR.
          3. Social Revolutionry (SR) Party
            1. Future lay with 'the people'.
              1. Win support of industrial workers + peasants.
              2. Leader Victor Chernov - educated middle class.
                1. Party not strongly knit - variety of factions.
                  1. Extremists and Terrorist groups.
                2. 1905 Revolution
                  1. Support for peasant uprisings.
                    1. 'All-Russian Union of Peasants'
                      1. First Congress - peasant ownership of land
                  2. Social Democrat Party
                    1. Marxism
                      1. Mensheviks (Minority)
                        1. Opposed idea to limit membership to those dedicated to rev. who lead workers' revolution.
                          1. Wanted broad membership.
                        2. Bolsheviks (Majority)
                          1. Lenin.
                            1. Class struggle not limited to business men and industry workers.
                              1. Conflicts between Kulaks and poor peasants.
                          2. Liberalism
                            1. Zemstva.
                              1. First political organisation in Russian history which contained elected officials.
                                1. 1899 - Zemstva across western Russia.
                                2. 1904 Union of Liberation.
                                  1. 1901 - Russian exiles in Germany set up newspaper (Liberation).
                                    1. Support idea of constitutional monarchy - elected national parliament
                                  2. Octobrists.
                                    1. Believed October Manifesto gave best settlement for constitutional development.
                                      1. 1905 onwards - supporter of Nicholas II.
                                    2. Kadets.
                                      1. Saw Oct. Manifesto as beginning, not end, of political reform.
                                        1. Hoped for a truly parliamentary system of government.
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