What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?


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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
  1. Research and planning
    1. Lino it, this is a tecnolgy which I used when answering my evaluation questions, Its very easy to use and pictures can be added. The boxes you add to type in are colour coordinated and look like posted notes which make It clear and easy to read from as well as keeping it organised.
      1. Skype is a technology I used when having a audio call with Mike Harrows. The link bellow is the Skype call we had In class, students asked Mike questions to help them with their opening title sequence. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THvC9LE-KdI&app=desktop
        1. Blogger was a new technology that I had never used before. I had no experience with blogs so I had to learn how its set out and organised. I also allowed my posts to be shared publicly, as I looked online to gain more of an understanding on other peoples media blogs. All my media coursework has been put on to my blog, once I knew how to use it I found it easy and I believe its a good way to present work and keep it all together. Other online links and websites can be embed in the HTML code which is pasted then updated on to the blog.
          1. Slide share, emaze and pretzi are fun ways of presenting power point presentations, I used when presenting my evaluation questions. It allows you to be creative and design your slide show the way you want it to look. Images and text can be combined together with different links of looking at them. All these technologies were new to me but once I played around with them I found them very effective and easy to use. They also look colourful and full of pictures which is very eye-catching and effective.
            1. An email was sent to Mike asking for feedback on our opening title sequence, we took his points into consideration along with other people we interviwed asking for feedback. This is the email back from Mike with the feedback we needed.
              1. Throughthe planning and researching stages of production the internet was used regularly to find information and websites relating to our thriller such as IMDB.I also used to internet to search copy right websites to find a track which I could use in my opening title sequence. We also used the internet to save images. This technology was relied on to find out certain information during the research process, I am used to using the internet and find it easy I would usually search on Google which would link me to websites with the information on that I was looking for.
              2. Production
                1. To film my opening title sequence i used a digital camera canon 700D. When I filmed my GCSE footage I used anolog camera, therefore I had Having a basic knowledge of using digital cameras. The device was not difficult to use and I found it easy to film from as I knew the techniques of panning and was confident using a digital camera. To make the camera steady we used a tripod when filimng so it was clear and looked professional. I decided to use the digital camera to take pictures of the girl which we used in our footage, as the digital camera had a higher quality compared to an iphone.
                  1. When filming our footage we wanted it to look dark and eerie, so when we first filmed the only use of light we had was candles. When it came to editing this footage it looked grainy and poor quality. We decided to film our opening title sequence again and had help from a man called 'Ryan Eyre'. He set up the lighting which we used to make the footage look dark although it was clear and looked professional.
                  2. Post Production
                    1. Once my opening title sequence was filmed, we used the Adobe Premiere Pro software. I was confident when using this software to edit as I used it in GCSE when editing footage, we also used this software to edit our preliminary task on, Although I had forgotten some things I got the hang of it again and found it very easy. I used transition tools such as fade to black and dissolve which I placed between clips to elaborate on the imagination of the paedophile. This added tension and looked very effectively. I also inserted titles, which are shown in opening credits.By using the title slide and inserting the names on to it. A new tool I learnt how to use was inserting audio, I learnt how to fade music in and out and place the audio were I wanted the music to be heard.
                      1. Throughout the editing stage we added sound effects. We created our Foley on garage band, for example when the match strikes I used my nails to scratched across a table to give the effect that a match has been lit. I have not used garage band before, nor have I used the microphones we used to record the audio so me and Kelly Simpson watched video tutorials on YouTube to gain an understand on how to create our foleys.
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