Annie Besant

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Annie Besant
1 "Freedom without separation"
1.1 What home rule meant.
2 All-India Home rule league was smaller than Tilak's and grew more slowly
2.1 But network of committees covered most of the rest of India
3 Tried to work with Congress and revive it's fortune
3.1 But she soon realised that congress was only interested in controlling and suppressing the home rule movement
4 Joined Tilak's organisation.
4.1 Gave public lectures and published pamphlets all around the country
4.1.1 successfully generated agitation amongst the public in a way that Congress had never really tried
5 Interned (imprisoned without trial)
6 When freed, she became President of Congress in Dec 1917
6.1 Proved inconsistent + ineffective as leader of Congress.
7 Was crucially reluctant to support any kind of boycott or resistance campaigns.
7.1 Resulted in loss of momentum and ultimately failure.
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