Ancient Greek

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Ancient Greek
1 Greeks believed in gods and goddesses caused things to happen,
1.1 Asklepios was a Greek god of healing. His temples were called Asklepions.
1.1.1 People went there to be cured. The people would pray and bring gifts to Asklepios to be cured. They believed that he would come through the night to heal them.
1.1.2 Very healthy places. They had baths areas, arenas and abatons, which were open-air buildings.
2 Natural explanations and Hippocrates
2.1 The most important example of Greek natrual thinking is the work of Hippocrates.
2.1.1 He developed the first widespread natural explanation for disease involving four humours in the body, which had to be balanced.
2.2 The four humours were also connected to the seasons when certain illnesses were more common.
2.3 Hippocrates believed in 'clinical observation', where the doctor has to watch the patient carefully in order to know what is wrong with them.
2.3.1 This way they got to learn more about diseases and their symptons.
2.4 Hippocrates also wrote a book called A Programme of Health in which he encouraged personal hygiene and exercise in order to prevent disease.

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