Total Quality Management and Quality Assurance

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Total Quality Management and Quality Assurance
1 What is TQM?
1.1 Total Quality Management is the process in which a business takes to ensure long term success and constant improvement
2 What is Quality Assurance?
2.1 A concept in which covers policies and the quality system
3 What is invovled in TQM?
3.1 Encourages changes in the company’s organisation, attitudes and structures
3.2 Involvement and commitmentin setting goals and policies
3.3 Transforming a organisations basic beliefs to transform everyone's job
3.4 Building quality into products from the beginning
3.5 Instituting leadership and flexible patterns
3.6 Eliminating barriers
4 What is involved in Quality Assurance?
4.1 Minimising chances that the product/service will be sub standard
4.2 Quality Assurance is based on product design
4.3 Quality can be built in and there is less need to inspect
5 Methods involved in Quality Assurance
5.1 Team working
5.2 Product design checking
5.3 Benchmarking
5.4 Application of recognised standards
5.5 Product Control
6 Advantages and Disadvantages of TQM
6.1 Leads to continuous improvement
6.2 Leads to problem solving
6.3 Higher cost of productiom
6.4 Cost of training personel
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