Work of the Archaeologist

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Work of the Archaeologist
1 Tools
1.1 Trowel - scrape away soil
1.1.1 Pick - loosen soil Sieve - filter soil - look for small objects brush - clean artefact JCB - remove topsoil
2 Date Objects
2.1 Drendrochronology
2.1.1 rings on trees
2.2 Carbon 14 Dating
2.2.1 the less carbon, the older item
2.3 Stratigraphy
2.3.1 Deeper object burried = older
3 How site is choosen
3.1 Old document - something once there
3.2 Aerial photo
3.3 artefact discovered by accident
4 Site excavated
4.1 1. Survey carried out
4.1.1 2. Geophysical survey - x ray soil 3. Test trenches 4. Aerial photos 5. detailed plan - numbered squares - grid 6. topsoil removed 7. work begins
5 Discovered objects
5.1 Studied
5.1.1 dated sent to muesum or university
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