Fahrenheit 451 It was a pleasure to burn

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Daniela Marves Part 1 Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 It was a pleasure to burn
  1. 1. Mildred asks for a TV wall that costs $2,000. But Montag tells her its way to much money
    1. 2. Montag goes out of his house and sees Clarisse playing with raindrops and holding a dandelion
      1. 3. Clarisse is in love, but Montag discovers he is not, this makes him angry.
        1. 4. Clarisse explains Montag that now she is going to a therapyst.
          1. 5. Montag thinks Clarisse looks much older than his wife, even is his wife is 30 and Clarisse 17.
          2. 6. When the firemen get bored they use the hound to hunt rats and chickens.
            1. 7. Montag touches the hound, and the hound answers brutally, so he backs off.
            2. 8. Montag comments that the Hound does not likes him, but the captain hounders say that a machine could not have feelings.
              1. 9. Montag worries about the machine, and he thinks someone programed against him.
              2. 10. Clarisse asks Montag why did he never had kids and Montag explains her that Mildred never wanted to.
                1. 11. A week later, Clarisse is gone
                  1. 12. Beatty slaps the woman, and asks her where the books are.
                2. 13. In the attic of the womans house Montag burns her books.
                  1. 14. Montag grabs a book, and hides it in his jacket.
                    1. 15. The old woman suicides because she thinks that a life without her book is worthless.
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