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Junior Certificate history Mind Map on God, created by ninja of baskerville on 04/30/2013.

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1 First beleved by Egyptians
1.1 Pharaohs
1.1.1 Belived to be a God in flesh and bone
2 Romans
2.1 Roman gods
2.2 Supposed birth of Jesus Christ
3 Before idea of god
3.1 Prehistoric
3.1.1 Evil spirits
4 Greek
4.1 Asclepion
4.2 Greek gods
5 Middle ages
5.1 God caused all illness
6 Renaissance
6.1 Started to find actual cause of desease
7 1800's
7.1 God only really worshiped by the church and anyone who turned up for it
8 1900's
8.1 Evidence against God's existence (big bang theory)
9 2000+
9.1 Atheism
9.1.1 An unbeliever of God
9.2 Christianity no longer compulsory
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