Children Animating Their Worlds: Stop-motion animation

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PPL project book for assignment 1

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Children Animating Their Worlds: Stop-motion animation
  1. Cameras and Ipads: different uses (Technology, Funds of knowledge, Agency)
    1. Games
      1. Music
        1. Videos
          1. Watch examples of animations: discuss, reflect, give opinion, hypothesise (Literacy, Social Skills)
          2. Internet for research (Technology as tool for information)
          3. Create animations
            1. Draw characters (Creative Arts, Maths: features, sizes, propostion)
              1. Draw storyboards (Literacy: sequence of events)
                1. Write scripts (Literacy)
                  1. Make characters and props with different materials (Creative Arts: clay, recyclables, paper cut-out, play dough)
                    1. Edit animation: delete/add frames, add special effects, voice, sound, light (Technology,Media Arts)
                      1. Estimate the number of frames necessary to make an animation - per second, per minute (Maths: duration of time)
                        1. Proportion of characters/background/props (Maths: scale, size, symmetry)
                          1. Negotiating story lines, sharing ideas with peers and educators, listening to/giving feedback, problem-solving, turn-taking, appreciating, celebrating learning (Social skills, Literacy)
                          2. Vocabulary related to animation (Literacy)
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