Edward Greenspan

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Edward Greenspan
1 Unjust laws tackled
1.1 Death penalty
1.1.1 Campaigned extensively in the 80's against it June 30th 1987, bill to reinstate it was struck down
1.2 Euthanasia
1.2.1 R v. Latimer (1987) Greenspan defended Latimer Believed that Latimer's killing was out of compassion Sidenote: Also appeared in another case about "cruel and unusual" sentence after Latimer was found guilty (R. v. Latimer (2001))
2 Impact today
2.1 New Euthanasia laws
2.1.1 Fought for defendant in R v. Latimer Case was very important in leading to new 2015 legislation
2.2 No death penalty in Canada
3 Inspiration
3.1 Inspired by the money many of his famous clients offered
3.2 Primarily inspired by the interest in that every
3.2.1 Greenspan thus defended his clients earnestly and willingly
3.2.2 man (no matter how guilty) should be defended
4 Profession
4.1 Lawyer (Criminal law)
4.1.1 Career lasted over four decades
4.1.2 Made sacrifices: As being the Defence for many notorious criminals, including Conrad Black By becoming unpopular with the public Challenging the law constantly and being vocal in his stances
4.1.3 Used his position to fight for change and advocate for it
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