Jamie Thraves interview

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Jamie Thraves interview
1 Inspiration: Jamie told us that he got inspiration to be created from doing art at a young age in primary school. Also he got inspiration from doing a degree at Hull university which he done illustration
2 Camera's he used: Throughout the 90's till 2000 they used 16mm cameras to shoot a lot of the music videos on, however this became to expensive for them so therefore they changed to digital cameras as it was a lot quicker and moving with the times due to techonogly was advancing.
3 Locations: We asked Jamie if he found his own locations and he said to us that he has location mangers who will find the perfect location, however he does write his music videos with locations in mind so the managers have a idea on what to find for him.
4 Best moment being a director: Jamie told us that his best moment being a director was making his first feature film. He also told us that he enjoys the job due to the thrill rides that he experiences and the highs and lows.
5 Funding: Jamie did talk to us a bit about the funding in the job and he said that is a big issue and illegal downloading and streaming can be a big issue
6 Key to music videos: Jamie Thrives spoke to us about the 3 key things to music videos, on of them is that you have t have good imagination and not to follow others and to be original. Also it is key to have a wow factor
7 Biggest breakthrough: He told us that his biggest breakthrough was the Radio Head video.
8 Extra information: Jamie told us that when he first started there was no where to watch music videos. the only place he
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