Roles in PE

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Roles in PE
1 Organiser
1.1 Main task-To bring together main ingredients at the right time/place to maximise promotion, participation and high quelity performance
1.1.1 Complete risk assessments and safe practice
1.1.2 Can work in a team including co-operation, adaptability and delegation
1.1.3 Involves competence in managing and organising facilities, times and personnel
2 Player/Performer
2.1 Outwitting opponents
2.1.1 e.g. football, rugby, netball
2.2 Accurate replication of actions, phrases and sequences
2.2.1 e.g. diving, trampolining, gymnastics
2.3 Exploring and communicating ideas, concepts and emotions
2.3.1 e.g. country dance, street dance, ice dance
2.4 Performing at maximum levels in relation to speed, height, distance, strength or accuracy
2.4.1 e.g. athletics, archery, golf, track cycling
2.5 Identifying and solving pfroblems to overcome challanges of on adventurous nature
2.5.1 e.g. climbing, canoeing, orienteering, sailing
2.6 Exercing safely and effectively to improve health and well-being
2.6.1 e.g. circuit training, yoga, weight lifting
3 Choreographer
3.1 Have a profession in dance so they can asses dancer/s and create dances
3.1.1 Determine the needs of dancers to make them better
3.1.2 Have a good taste of music
3.1.3 Can visualise individual and/or group performance
4 Official
4.1 To ensure players perform within the rules
4.1.1 Have sole responsability to decide when an infringement occurs will decide and apportion blame and enforce the appropriate penalty
4.1.2 Keep up to date with the rules changes
4.1.3 Have to act in a unbiased capacity
4.2 Types of officials
4.2.1 Referee/Umpire
4.2.2 Judge
4.2.3 Marshal/Steward
4.2.4 Scorer/Timekeeper/Recorder
5 Leader/Coach
5.1 To train and control a group/individual performer to make them the best they can be
5.1.1 They lead fitness sessions
5.1.2 Understand the way people learn and how they are motivated
5.1.3 Can adapt activities/conditioning games and change the rules to aid skill development
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