Lloyd-George 1916-1922

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Lloyd-George 1916-1922
1 Post War Crisis
1.1 Positives
1.1.1 improved living standards
1.1.2 New consumer goods
1.1.3 new opportunities in leisure and mass entertainment
1.2 Negatives
1.2.1 Failure of Stapled Industries - Gold Standard, Over investment bad industrial relations, Wall Street Crash
1.2.2 Mass casualties
1.2.3 Awkward demographic problems
1.2.4 demobalisation of men and absorbing them back into peacetime economy
1.2.5 crippled by war debts
1.2.6 wartime to peacetime
1.2.7 international trade disrupted
1.2.8 unemployment remained high
2 Post War Coalition - Opposition to the new post war coalition was weak Liberals - 28 seats Sinn Fein - 73 seats but refused to participate in westminster politics and set up their own parliament - Dail
2.1 No choice - With Liberals split and Labour refusing to join the coalition Lloyd-George had to turn to the Conservatives Conservative still stood by LG as 'the man who won the war' as they felt they would benefit from an alliance with him
2.2 Scare of Communism - Conservatives respected LGs leadership skills, imagination and drive and believed that his work with social reforms would prevent the spread of communism to Britain
3 Lloyd-George's Failures
3.1 Chanak Affair - Didn't consult the cabinet over the Turkish crisis Included dominions without consulting them which lead to the Independance of Canada
3.2 Home Rule
3.2.1 Sent the 'black and tans' which was brutal and inhumane Liberals and Labour Parties were appauled by their methods of dealing with the situation
3.2.2 Conservative blamed them him for the breaking up of Ireland
3.2.3 First Solution - Unionist rule in Ulster, Autonomy in Southern Ireland Council of Ireland to encourage cooperation between the two areas Ulster had it's own parliament - rejected by Sin Fein Second Solution - Ireland a self-governing domain of the British Empire - Convinced Sinn Fein - Ulster was so small and unviable it would soon join the rest of Ireland in becoming independant Civil war caused by divide in Sinn Fein Ended when Michael Collins was murded Partition confirmed
3.3 Honours Scandal - Accused of selling peerages to finance his own political party
4 Out of his control
4.1 Coalition - Lloyd-George ran a coalition with a Conservative majority, Conservatives could easily withdraw their support
4.2 Ireland - Final Solution had been handled well Finally came to an agreement with the Irish in 1923 - made the best compromise he could
4.2.1 IRA - Sinn Fein took over INP British rule challenged by the rising of the IRA and Dail Led to Anglo-Irish War
4.3 Treaty of Versailles - 2 conflicting parties as well as two other national representatives to please made the best compromise
4.4 Geddes Cuts - spending cut of £86million in education and public health Lloyd George managed to reduce this to £64 million however working class people felt that the promise of 'a land fit for heroes' had been betrayed
4.5 Competition from rising industrial powers such Japan, Germany and the United States
4.6 War Aftermaths - demobalising 5 million men dislocation of trade and industry
5 Social Reforms
5.1 Addison's Housing Act 1919
5.1.1 200,000 good quality council houses built for working class
5.2 Fishers Education Act
5.2.1 Raised school leaving age to 14 Part-time education up to 18
5.3 Old Aged Pensions Act
5.3.1 Extended and War widow pensions introduced
5.4 National Insurance Act
5.4.1 extended unemployment benefits to cover a further 8 million workers earning less than the average wage

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