Monk in Early christian Ireland

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Monk in Early christian Ireland
1 monastery :
1.1 stone wall
1.2 stone churches
1.3 round towers
1.3.1 look out points/store jewellery(valuables)
1.4 people: farmers / craft people
1.4.1 objects made from silver or broze patterns with gold thread
1.4.2 crosses made by stone masons
2 scriptorium:
2.1 manuscripts copied by hand
2.2 scribes
2.3 wrote on velum (skin of calves)
2.4 illuminated = coloured ink made from plants and powdered rock
3 monks :
3.1 wore tunic
3.2 self-efficient
3.3 pray/work/fast/study
3.4 obey abbot (head monk)
3.5 lived in bee-hive huts
4 missionaries
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