Inflammatory Process

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Cellulitis explained

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Inflammatory Process
  1. 1- infection gets into the dermis of the skin. This is the initiating cause
    1. 2 - Release of inflammatory mediators
      1. The damaged cells from the invasion of the bacteria release inflammatory mediators. These include Histamine, Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Cytokines.
        1. These cause Vasodilation which creates the redness around the infected area, increase vascular permeability and creates the pain the person would feel.
          1. The Cytokines released cause the fever like symptoms that can be felt and malaise.
            1. Bradykinins and Prostaglandins cause pain.
      2. 3- The vascular response
        1. Vasodilation occurs increasing blood supply.
          1. This causes erythema and the warmth felt.
          2. Exudate is squeezed out of the blood vessels and accumulates in the tissues.
            1. This causes the swelling
            2. Exudate dilutes toxins and plasma proteins help limit infection.
              1. Complement is activated and directly destroys bacteria.
                1. Exudate carries bacteria, cell debris and immune cells to lymph vessels
                2. 4- The cellular response
                  1. Macrophages have the ability to ingest microorganisms (phagocytosis)
                    1. Causes the macrophage to release Cytokines that cause fever.
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