Things Effective Citizens Do Kate Weidig and Sarah Riashi

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Effective Citizens and Social studies

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Things Effective Citizens Do Kate Weidig and Sarah Riashi
1 Government
1.1 Gather evidence to choose a position about an issue
1.1.1 Participate in a formal debate Contact representative to solve a problem Write or sign a petition. Go to a political rally Know the bill of rights Represent the USA as an ambassador in Kenya
2 History
2.1 Analyze past battles
2.1.1 Radio-carbonate date the age of dinosaur bones Teach about Ancient Egyptians Analyze major events of the Ming Dynasty Make a timeline of Indus River Civilizations
3 Economics
3.1 Make a household budget
3.1.1 Work in a diamond mine. Design and sell auto parts. Be a police officer Decide how many goods to produce
4 Geography
4.1 Use a map scale
4.1.1 Captain a ship across the Atlantic Write a travel guide to Indonesia Work on protecting wildlife.
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