B1.5 - Energy and Biomass in food chains

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B1.5 - Energy and Biomass in food chains
1 Radiation from the sun is an energy source for all living organisms
2 Photosynthesis
2.1 In green plants and algae, photosynthesis captures a fraction of the energy that reaches them.
2.1.1 This energy is stored in the cell of the plant. The energy is passed onto the organism that eats the plant
3 Energy Loss
3.1 Energy is lost at each stage of the food chain due to:
3.1.1 Faeces Energy released by respiration is used up in movement as heat energy
4 Pyramids of Biomass
4.1 Biomass: The mass of living material
5 Tertiary Consumer
5.1 Only gets a small fraction of the energy left because some energy is caught by the sun by producers, most biomass stays in the roots, only a tenth of the energy is passed on due to running, mating, excreting and generating heat & they only recieve a bit of the energy from the bottom of the pyramid
6 Producer
6.1 Provides food for primary consumer who passes on the energy to the secondary consumer who passes on the energy to the tertiary consumer

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