Causes of 1905 Revolution

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Causes of 1905 Revolution
1 Long term causes
1.1 Social
1.1.1 1892, 1898 & 1901 - Bad harvests causing widespread famine. Peasants responded with violence. Attacked government officials. By 1905 - countryside on verge of revolution.
1.1.2 80% of Russian people peasants. Growing population meant less land for peasants
1.2 Political
1.2.1 1905 - Autocracy with Tsar having all power.
1.2.2 Liberals - wanted share in power with parliament elected by wealthy men.
1.2.3 Social revolutionaries - give political power to the peasants.
1.2.4 Social democrats - new type of society giving power to workers and peasants
1.3 Economic
1.3.1 Spectacular growth 1890-1905
1.3.2 Witte - rapid industrialisation. Rapid growth of population in towns and cities. Peasants moved to find jobs. Poor working and living conditions
2 Immediate causes
2.1 Russo-Japanese war
2.1.1 1904-05 war over control of northern China and Korea.
2.1.2 Humiliating defeat. Helped cause unrest against the government. 27 May 1905. Battle of Tsushima Lose 25 out of 35 ships to Japanese navy.
2.1.3 Prolonged revolution as many events of the war after start of rev. Further defeats made gov. and Tsar look weaker and more encouragement for more rev.
2.2 Bloody Sunday
2.2.1 Peaceful demonstration led by Priests. Asking for reforms - end war, 8 hour working day, higher pay and end to forced overtime.
2.2.2 Troops used to disperse demonstration.
2.2.3 Almost a thousand demonstrators killed.

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