To what extent had superpower relations broken down by the end of 1945?

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Had the relationship between the USA and USSR been damaged by the end of WWII? (In a Cold War context)

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To what extent had superpower relations broken down by the end of 1945?
1 long term causes of conflict had existed since 1917: 2 superpowers had emerged that represented directly opposed ideologies
1.1 imminent defeat of Nazi Germany had started to create a power vacuum in Europe into which both countries were drawn to protect their own interests
1.1.1 However, CW had not yet developed and was by no means inevitable
2 USA had capability to play world role after 1918, but neither gvt. or public had the will. Ignored policies of Wilson and returned to isolationism.
2.1 Tensions and hostility between USA and USSR were kept to a minimum because neither country took on a world role before 1941
3 USSR lacked capacity to play world role in this period
3.1 devastated by WWI and Civil War
3.1.1 Inter-war years ensuring its on survival, rather than spreading world communism
4 The War provided, in the Axis of Powers of Germany, Italy & Japan, to the security of both countries
5 Defeat of Germany, Italy and Japan in 1945 that led to re-emergence of tensions between East and West
5.1 USA and USSR now in a position in which they both possessed ability to impose their ideology on a broad scale
6 Attitudes and policies of USA and USSR were to develop towards each other were to develop during and after 1945 that led to the final breakdown in relations

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