Attitudes of main powers to situation in Europe in 1945

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Attitudes of USA, USSR & GB (in a cold war context)

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Attitudes of main powers to situation in Europe in 1945
1.1 Stalin's main aim: safeguard & rebuild USSR after devastation of WWII
1.1.1 20 million dead
1.2 traditional-believed what USSR got after 1945 should be determined by degree of what it had suffered
1.2.1 Expected economic assistance from USA
1.3 foreign policy based on taking advantage of military situation in Europe & prevent invasion from West
1.3.1 occupied as much of E. Europe as possible (buffer zone)
1.4 Stalin's aims would result in domination over large parts of Europe
1.4.1 unacceptable to USA (dvlpd. own foreign policy to account for this in 1945)
2.1 1945: Truman replaced Roosevelt: moved from accomodation to confrontation
2.1.1 policy of contaiment
2.1.2 'Iron Fist' approach as a reaction against policy of appeasement
2.2 wanted to revive economy
2.2.1 spread of communism and subsequent closure of free markets needed to be avoided
2.3 Failed to understand Soviet demands for security
2.3.1 saw it as attempt to spread communism
2.4 Much of US public favoured isolationism
2.4.1 US foreign policy in the balance in 1945
3.1 1946: Attlee replaced Churchill
3.1.1 foreign policies of GB & USA more in step with need to stand firm against USSR
3.2 war produced tripling of national debt & bankrupt economy
3.2.1 impossible to limit Soviet influence in Europe without USA
3.3 US=isolationist
3.3.1 little West could do to prevent Stalin acting as he wished hope that personal agreement with Stalin might limit his actions
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