Canadian Identity

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Canadian identity from my point of view.

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Canadian Identity
1 Science and technology
1.1 Medicine
1.1.1 in the early 1920s, 2 canadians, Frederick Banting and Charles Best developed a way to extract insulin from donor pancreas. they were able to treat diabetic dogs, and refined it to work on humans This started a big change, in helping people who are dibetic Medicin started to evolve even further to help more diabetic people
1.1.2 In 2011 a team lead by Dr.Shaf Keshavjee Devised a way to test the viability of a donor's lung befor transplant. This was called the XVIVO Lung Perfusion system system. surgeries are more safe now. increases the chance of a successful surgery
1.2 Space
1.2.1 In 2002, the CSA, Dynacon Enterprises Limited, the University of Toronto and The University of British columbia unveiled Canada's first microsatellite. The launch for the MOST (microvariability and oscillation of stars) its first telescope, on June 30, 2003
1.2.2 On February 25, 2013 the Sapphire, Canada's first military satellite was launched! Currently still in service, it's mission is Space surveillance, this gives information on space objects. This helps us keep track of things and helps develop defensive matters for emergencies.
1.2.3 The Canadian government is planing a space launch mission, to be set in 2018 The RADRSAT constellation is meant to help with keeping tabs on the environment Meant for non-military use
2 Arts and cultures
2.1 Museums
2.1.1 Canada has over 2500 museums
2.1.2 The royal Ontario Museum id considered Canada's best museum.
2.1.3 the art gallery of Toronto is the eighth largest art museum, including more than 65,000 works
2.2 Canadian artist
2.2.1 Ken Danby, born March 6, 1940, died September 23 2007. "At the Crease" is a painting which depicts a masked hockey goalie defending his goal he received the order of canada, and the order of ontario awards.
2.2.2 Kazuo Hamasaki, born in 1925, died in 2005. was a Canadian artist of Japanese heritage Once president of the society of Canadian artist. His work can still be found at auctions he was given the artistic name Shin Sen by the Josui Nanga Society.
2.3 Food
2.3.1 for a food to identifie as Canadian, it is really hard because there are so many ethnicitys which make up canada
2.3.2 from the last agriculture census in 2011, it was recorded that there were about 205, 730 farms in canada
2.3.3 there is about 64.8 million hectares of farm area in canada
3 Social
3.1 Diversity
3.1.1 more than 200 ethnic origins were reported in the 2011 national household survey. 13 different ethnic origins have surpassed the 1 million mark. Canadian English French Scottish Irish German Italian Chinese First nations Ukrainian East indian Dutch Polish
3.1.2 1 out of 5 people in Canada are foreign-born
3.2 visible minority population
3.2.1 South Asians, Chinese, and Black accounted for 61.3% of the visibly minority population in 2011
3.2.2 a vast majority of the immigrant population lived in more predominate areas such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver
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