The Battle Of The Wounded Knee

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The Battle Of The Wounded Knee
1 Happened in 1890.
2 The massacre at the wounded knee?
3 Revenge for Custer
3.1 By 1900, Indian land had been reduced from 155 million acres to 78 million.
3.2 Tried to enforce farming on the Indians.
3.3 Mass slaughter of the buffalo.
4 1890 - Indians on the reservation at Wounded Knee Creek
5 Wovoka told the Indians that if they danced the Ghost Dance the white's would disappear and the dead Indians would return. The Indians were desperate.
6 At the Pine Ridge reservation in Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota, soldiers were sent in to arrest the Ghost Dancers. It got out of control and Chief Big Foot + 153 men, women and children were shot.
7 By 1890 Manifest Destiny had been achieved.
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