Problems face by Henry when restoring royal authority

Charlotte Peacock
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AS - Level A Level History Revision (2.Restoration of Royal Authority) Mind Map on Problems face by Henry when restoring royal authority, created by Charlotte Peacock on 03/18/2014.

Charlotte Peacock
Created by Charlotte Peacock over 5 years ago
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Problems face by Henry when restoring royal authority
1 As Stephen had been unable to control his barons, and had failed to keep law and order, the barons had seized land and built castles illegally - undermining Stephen's feudal authority.
1.1 Problem: Powerful barons = Monarch weaker
2 Stephen had also given land to the Scottish King - Cumberland, Westmoreland and Northumberland were under the control of the Scottish King.
3 The Church's authority in England had been strengthened, after Stephen had lost an argument with the Pope. The Benefit of Clergy was reintroduced in England, and Church courts were dealing with their own crimes.
4 The crowns treasury was nearly empty
5 Both Stephen and Matilda had hired mercenary soldiers who hadn't been paid, and were threatening trouble.

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