Typical Movie Intro Tropes

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This is a mind up of my research on typical movie tropes.

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Typical Movie Intro Tropes
1 Long Establishing Shots
2 Non Diegetic Music over
3 I Robot
3.1 Music over had a slow tempo Had a action feel to it so considered action music. The music also gives off a sci-fi feel to it establishing that the movie is a sci-fi movie
3.1.1 Also had the foley sound (diegetic) of bubbles
3.2 This does not use an establishing shot , it uses mostly a mid range and close of shot this is due to it being a flash back of a horrific event so it is up close to show the sense of action or anticipation in the viewer . It also establishes a future plot point about why the main character does not like robots.
3.3 Production logo of 20th Century Fox
3.3.1 Also Credits Media Stream Iv
3.4 This movie does not tell us the key Actors even though there is only one , I believe they knew he was well known so it was unnecessary and it allowed them to cut to straight into the flash back.
3.5 The Title is surrounded by what looks like electrical wires which show the fact that this movie has robots in it . The title itself is very straight one could say almost "robotic"
3.6 There is no voice over or monologue for this movie but there are 2 places of text which set ideas over the movie in the viewers head which are important plot points .
4 Spiderman
4.1 The Opening shows us the shots from the previous movies in-between the webs setting the current movie up from the previous. The opening shot are long shots and establishing shots of Spiderman swinging across New York , this allows the viewer to see the enviroment the movie will be based -New York- and see Spiderman using his powers in this concrete jungle.
4.2 Production Company COLUMBIA and MARVEL studios
4.2.1 Key Actors are named , in the shape of a web keeping with the idea of a spider
4.3 The instruments begin with strings then adds drums and shaker all of these play at a moderate and play upbeat making it sound like a typical superhero , it changes when the names of the key are shown and also changes near the end to an even more dramatic and eerie sounding as it shows the symbiote and ends with almost a little cliff hangar. Music also plays over as spiderman swings through New York adding to the idea of a hero .
4.4 The opening title is done surrounded by or on a spider web , as well as the title itself the font used is very linear just the wires of a spider web .
4.5 The voice over for this movie gives us a personal connection to Peter Parker and connects the viewer to the previous movies giving us the exploits of Peter Parker from his own mouth.
5 Production Logos/Company
5.1 Key Actors
6 Movie Title
7 Transformers
7.1 The Music sounds dramatic it start with strings and synth and they are played in a very loud and long way , makes the theme feel like adventure or action especially when the drums come in .
7.2 The Opening shot was and establishing shot of The Cube , which is an important item in the movie and the reason why the tranformers are on earth , this shot is in space and we also get and establishing shot of the earth , as the cube enters its atmosphere , this shows the viewer that this movie shall have extra-terrestrial ideas
7.3 Production company Paramount Pictures and Dreamwork Pictures
7.3.1 With Association with HASBRO
7.4 The title forms from the establishing shot of the earth and the cube , the way it enters is very robotic as though it also transformed . The itself looks to be made out of the same material as the cube and has a 3d shape.
7.5 There are no key Actors in this movie , this could have been done because of the need to give a origin which was done by the visuals and Voice over
7.6 The voice over for this movie sets the idea that this is an extra terrestrial movie and makes us understand the reason why the transformers are on earth. This is just a typical origin setting up the movie
8 Monolouges or Voice Overs
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