General Strike 1926

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General Strike 1926
  1. Events
    1. Began 3rd May 1926
      1. Ended 13th May 1926
        1. TUC organised in support of miners in the North East
          1. 2 million workers went on strike
            1. Dockers, Railwaymen and transport workers
              1. Refusal of print workers to publish Daily Mail paper attacking trade unions leads to strike being called
                1. Govt and police reaction is aggressive. Mass picketing techniques used by strikers
                  1. 11 May: TUC calls off strike and workers are left alone for November until they forced to go back to work for less pay
                2. Reason For Failure
                  1. Govt was ready: OMS headed by Winston Churchill and general strike was portrayed as 'evil' through propaganda. Military action also used
                    1. Violence of the strikers and support from Communists led middle class to oppose strike
                      1. Labour Leaders and TUC denounced the strike, leading to disorganisation and lack of funding and support
                      2. Causes
                        1. Trade Union Militancy
                          1. Period of industrial unrest
                            1. Triple Alliance formed
                            2. Economic Depression
                              1. Post-war economy was weak
                                1. Return to gold standard crippled coal exports
                                2. Fear of Communism
                                  1. Publication of forged Zinoviev Letter - Threat of revolution by workers
                                    1. Middle class in fear and less likely to give in to workers demands
                                    2. Coal Industry Issues
                                      1. Out of date industry
                                        1. 1921: Wages were cut and working hours increased
                                          1. 1925: Threat from mine owners to cut wages again. General strike threat from Triple Alliance. 9 months govt. subsidy
                                            1. March 1926: Samuel Commission recommends reorganisation of mining industry. Wages should be cut by 13% but hours should not be increased. Neither miners nor owners can compromise
                                          2. Impact
                                            1. Miners were defeated
                                              1. TUC was ruined - membership fell from 5.5 million in 1925 to only 3.75 million in 1930.
                                                1. General strikes were made illegal by the Trades Disputes Act 1927
                                                  1. Labour Party won the 1929 elections
                                                    1. Despite Stanley Baldwin's conciliatory approach, the Conservatives lost
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