Declaration of Independence vs. Bill of Rights vs. Declaration of Sentiments

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Declaration of Independence vs. Bill of Rights vs. Declaration of Sentiments
1 The Declaration of Independence was written to separate themselves from Britain.
1.1 It was written against the King of England.
1.1.1 They said the King did many things against them including taxing without their consent.
1.2 The audience was the people of the colonies and the people of Britain.
1.3 Written by Thomas Jefferson, Ben Frankilin, Roger Sherman, John Adams, and Robert R. Livingston.
1.3.1 Signed July 4th, 1776.
2 The Bill of Rights was written to protect the rights of the people.
2.1 Guarantee the protection of the people.
2.2 Offers religious freedoms and other freedoms.
2.3 Ratified September 25, 1789.
3 They were both written by the same people around the same time. They were both written to protect rights of the people.
4 Declaration of Sentiments
4.1 Grievences
4.1.1 Women can not vote
4.1.2 In the eyes of the law women are civilly dead
4.1.3 The divorce laws make it hard for women to divorce men
4.2 Modeled after the Declaration of Independence
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