Network Layer

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Network Layer
  1. 1.Network Layer Protocols
    1. Network Layer in Communications
      1. Network Layer
        1. Network Layer Protocols
        2. Characteristics of the IP Protocol
          1. Encapsulating IP
            1. Characteristics of IP
              1. IP-Connectionless
                1. IP-Best effort Delivery
                  1. IP - Media Independent
                  2. IPv4 Packet
                    1. IPv4 Packet Header
                    2. IPv6 Packet
                      1. Limitations of IPv4
                        1. Introducing IPv6
                          1. Encapsulating IPv6
                            1. IPv6 Packet Header
                          2. 2.Routing
                            1. How a Host Rules
                              1. Host Forwardin Decision
                                1. Default Gateway
                                  1. Using the Default Gateway
                                    1. Host Routing Tables
                                    2. Router Routing Tables
                                      1. Router Packet Forwarding Decision
                                        1. IPv4 Router Routing Table
                                          1. Directly Connected Routing Table Entries
                                            1. Remote Network Routing Table Entries
                                              1. Next-Hop Address
                                            2. 3.Routers
                                              1. Anatomy of a Router
                                                1. A Router is a Computer
                                                  1. Router CPU and OS
                                                    1. Router Memory
                                                      1. Inside a Router
                                                        1. LAN and WAN Interfaces
                                                        2. Router Boot-up
                                                          1. Bootset Files
                                                            1. Router Bootup Process
                                                              1. Show Version Output
                                                            2. 4.Configure a Cisco Router
                                                              1. Configure Initial Settings
                                                                1. Basic Switch Configuration Steps
                                                                  1. Basic Router Configuration Steps
                                                                  2. Configure Interfaces
                                                                    1. Configure Router Interfaces
                                                                      1. Verify Interface Configuration
                                                                      2. Configure the Default Gateway
                                                                        1. Default Gateway fora a Host
                                                                          1. Default gateway for a switch
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