First Humans

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First Humans
  1. Who were Australopithecines?
    1. Could walk upright
      1. Could spot threatening animals
        1. Developed opposable thumb
          1. South and East Africa, 4-1 million BC
            1. Discovered by Mary Leakey in Leatol in 1970
              1. Evidence: Footprints in Lava (1978), Lucy (1974)
              2. Who were Homo Habilis (Man of Skill)?
                1. lava rock tools
                  1. Tools to cut meat and crack bones
                    1. In East Africa, 2.5-1.5 million BC
                      1. Evidence: Fossil in Olduvai (1960)
                      2. Who were Homo Erectus (Upright man)
                        1. Intelligent and adaptable
                          1. Developed technology for needs (sophisticated tools)
                            1. skillful hunters
                              1. First to migrate to India. China, Southwest Asia, Europe
                                1. First to use fire
                                  1. Created first language
                                    1. In Africa. Asia, Europe, 1.6-30,000 BC
                                    2. Who were Homo Sapiens (Wise man)?
                                      1. Neanderthals
                                        1. Developed more muscles and thicker bones
                                          1. Religious beliefs, performed rituals, funerals
                                            1. Tools (Stone blades. Scrapers, skin of prey)
                                              1. In Europe and Southwest Asia, 300,000-200,000 BC
                                                1. Evidence: Fossils found in Neander Valley, Germany Disappeared mysteriously 30,000 years ago
                                                2. Cro-Magnons
                                                  1. specialized tools
                                                    1. Fully modern humans (Strong, average 5’1”)
                                                      1. Studies animals
                                                        1. Planned hunts
                                                          1. Fast growing popluation
                                                            1. Advanced hunting and language
                                                              1. In Europe and Asia, 40,000 years ago
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