The Pony Express

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GCSE History (American West) Mind Map on The Pony Express, created by livmills97 on 03/19/2014.

Created by livmills97 over 5 years ago
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The Pony Express
1 On the 3rd of April 1860 the Waddell and Russell freight company started the Pony Express.
2 They employed young me to ride between relay stations across the continent at breakneck speed carrying mail in specially designed saddle bags.
3 It took only minutes to hand over the mail bags to the next rider.
4 They bought 500 ponies and employed 200 young men who travelled between 150 relay stations.
5 The could cross from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California in 10 days calling at Salt Lake City, Utah.
6 Riders had to face the rough countryside, the harsh climate and sometimes hostile Indians.
7 They weren't allowed to swear or drink and were issued with a bible, a shotgun and a rifle.
8 The Pony Express lasted for only 2 years.
9 On 22nd October 1861, the first telegraph was sent across America, so there was no further need for an express mail service.

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