The Irish Famine

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The Irish Famine
1 Causes
1.1 Potato Blight
1.1.1 Everyone only ate mostly potatos, and the potatoes all became blighted
1.2 Sub-division of land
1.2.1 Every farmer would sub-divide his land between his sons, and they would with their sons, causing each farm to be very small in size over time
1.3 large population
1.3.1 The Population was rising rapidly, and the Maalthusian Hypothesis states a population shall always have a disaster when the population gets too high,
1.4 The english
1.4.1 John Mitchell Believed The english caused The famine
2 Chronology
2.1 1846
2.1.1 The Potato Crop was exhausted and people started to starve
2.1.2 Robert Peel, The Prime Minister, Sold Indian Maize To the People
2.1.3 The blight hi the crops agin, making the failure complete
2.2 1847
2.2.1 The crop was good this year, improving the situation
2.3 1850
2.3.1 The famine appeared to be over
2.4 1845
2.4.1 One Third of the Potato Crop was Destroyed
3 Consequences
3.1 Population Decline
3.1.1 At least 1 million people died
3.1.2 At least 1 million people emigrated
3.1.3 There was a total population loss of 2 million
3.2 Consolidation Of Land
3.2.1 Farm Sizes grew larger
3.2.2 Many Landlords were in debt and were desperate to sell their land.
3.2.3 Tenants stopped sub-dividing land
3.3 Change in Marriage Patterns
3.3.1 Many could not afford to marry at a young age
3.3.2 Only 1 son inherited land, and he had to wait for his father to die before marriying
3.3.3 There was a large decline in birth rates
3.4 Political Consequences
3.4.1 Increased Republican feeling
3.4.2 The Irish Diaspora increased to republicanism in areas such as USA where many Irish Lived
4 Interpretations
4.1 The government acted appropriately
4.1.1 A few people stated that the Leaders were putting their best efforts towards ending the famine
4.1.2 People stated that famine would have destroyed the country if it wasn't for the actions of Government officials, Like Charles Trevelyan
4.2 The government failed to act appropriately
4.2.1 John Mitchel believed the english caused the famine
4.2.2 Some thought the famine was used to consolidate changes within Ireland
4.2.3 Artists drew pictures of the starving families in Ireland
4.2.4 Many people called the famine "A Holocaust"
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