The role of Science and Technology in Surgery

Tom Lea
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GCSE Surgery Mind Map on The role of Science and Technology in Surgery, created by Tom Lea on 03/21/2014.

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Tom Lea
Created by Tom Lea over 5 years ago
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The role of Science and Technology in Surgery
1 Science
1.1 Germ theory
1.1.1 hygiene in surgery improves
1.2 Antiseptics
1.2.1 Lister - Carbolic Acid Spray
1.2.2 Antiseptic surgery Led to Aseptic surgery
1.3 Anaesthetics
1.3.1 New chemicals, scientific method - Nitrous Oxide, Ether, Chloroform
1.3.2 Problems with overdose Black Period
2 Technology
2.1 Hypodermic needle
2.1.1 Alexander Wood
2.1.2 Accurate dosage of anaesthetics
2.1.3 To take accurate samples of blood
2.2 John Snow - Inhaler
2.2.1 Accurate Dosage - no overdose
2.3 Rubber Gloves
2.3.1 Halsted and Hampton LOVE
2.3.2 Goodyear
2.4 Steam Steriliser
2.5 Xrays - Wilhelm Rontgen
2.5.1 More accurate surgery

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