English Romanticism

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English Romanticism
1 English Preromanticism
1.1 it is before
1.2 opposed to neocalssicism
1.2.1 exalted the beauty of the Greek and Roman culture
1.3 it is the age when Man started to give importance to feelings
1.5 focus on individual emotions
1.6 poets ( graveyard school ) talk about tombs, graves
1.6.1 Thomas Gray Elegy exalted humble people power and fame are illusions Foscolo G. doesn't use the word tomb G : people are the same in front of death F. exalts important people / G the humble F uses irony not innovative F: the grave is the symbol of glory / example for the people was written before Sepolcri the poet is in the countryside observes the graves in the church yard meditates, reflects on life, death the life of the humble people it is the sunset he can see the farmer can hear the owl , the bell
1.7 meditation
2 2 generations
2.1 Wordsworth / Coleridge
2.1.1 Lyrical Ballds Preface poetry is expression of individual feeling origin of poetry is in the RECOLLECTION of an emotion language is simple poet is a man speaking to men has got more sensibility
2.1.2 Lake poets The Rainbow daffodils was written in 1802 it is about the vision of a rainbow and its effects on the poet is a source of pleasure it was a pleasure when he was a child he hopes he will keep on having the same emotion in the old age the child is better than man they have innocence pure they can enjoy the simple beauty of life / nature
2.1.3 importance of nature source of inspiration
2.1.4 joined French revolution ideals
2.1.5 he became insane
2.2 Byron Shelley and Keats
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