The Augustan Settlements

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The Augustan Settlements
1 Context
1.1 After the death of Antony and cleopatra Octavian sought to restore order to the republic
1.1.1 He believed that the saftey and wellbeing of the state depended on im personally on his personal and individual ability to look after the state
2 First Augustan Settlement
2.1 27 BC
2.1.1 Renounced all powers and provinces Senate protested and granted him Name of Augustus and Title of Princeps First Citizen Whats in the name? Augustus used to describe sacred things, temples, linked to Auguries the role of Augustus as a leading citizen was not an official part of roman government no way to describe this new position and it findamental way of describe this new position and its fundamental importance to the state other than in theological / divine terms no longer be viewed in simple human terms somewhere between mortal and divine Sacrosanct Proconsul Imperium over parts of the Empire which required military defence Spain Gaul Syria Cyprus Egypt frontier territories Army given to him territory food source Had power to legates make war conclude treaties continued to be elected to consulship each year giving imperium in Rome and Italy Civic Crown and Golden Shield What is it? The Coronoa Civica Standard award for saving the life of a citizen in battle Saving empires life the greatful survivor would hence forth treat and respect his saviour as a father Patria Potestas owns people state under his control Golden Shield Pronounced the moral Authority and qualities of Augustus Like Aeneid
2.2 31 - 27
2.2.1 Held power of triumvir back by Oath of Allegiance
2.2.2 Held Consul every year odd as usually only held twice
3 The Second Consitutional Settlement
3.1 23 BC
3.1.1 Augustus was away in his provinces, but in 23 BC two events too place which forced him to reconsider his poition a Serious conspiracy against him by Varro Murena and Fannius Caepio highlighted senatorial resentment of his perpetual consulship which limited their ambitions He became dangerously ill and this made his reconsider the tiring day to day buisness of being consul
3.1.2 Resigned consulship compensated in two ways proconsul power recognised as superior (maius) this enabled compete control over the army granted tribunician power for life without a colleague enabled him to veto, legislate and to oficially help citizens
4 How might we describe Augustus position in 27 - 23 BC
4.1 Princeps
4.1.1 first citizen
4.2 Tutela or Cura
4.2.1 Guardian or Protector
4.3 Pater Patiae
4.3.1 father of the country
5 Later power
5.1 12 Bc
5.1.1 Pontifex Maximus Lepidus died allowing Augustus to become head of priesthood
5.2 2 BC
5.2.1 Pater Patriae father of the people honorific title that Augustus veiwed as the highpoint of his carrer

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