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1 Grain Dole
1.1 Huge financial burden
1.1.1 Augustus took it upon himself to personally provide grain Appearance of a patron to entire city of Rome
2 Timing
2.1 Correspond to important political events
2.1.1 23 BC 2nd consitutional settlement
2.1.2 5 and 2 BC introduction of 'sons' into political life
3 The fire service
3.1 21 BC
3.2 m Eganatius Rufus
3.2.1 gained popularity by organising his slaves into fire brigade Augustus thought this could be used as private army
3.2.2 augustus had executed 19 BC Rufus tried to fill the vacant consul post and there was rioting guise of treason
3.3 Augustus formed Vigiles
3.3.1 600 slaves who act as the public fire service 6 AD regularisation of fire service did not occure replace 600 slaves wih 7 cohorts of 1000 men. Rome divided into 14 regions in 7BC and each cohort looked after 2
4 Policiing
4.1 The plebs frequently in the republic rioted
4.1.1 fairly quiet during Aug's reign
4.2 kept 3 praetorian cohorts of 1000 men in rome to prevent major disorders
4.2.1 standard policing divided Rome into 265 wards, with 4 vicomagistri appointed annually from residents
5 Bread and circuses
5.1 Plebian acceptance of Augustus reigme was largely because of bread and circuses
5.1.1 No famine until 6AD
5.1.2 3 Gladitorial games in his name 5 in the name of his sons and grandsons
5.1.3 2 Atheletic shows
5.1.4 26 wild beast shows
5.1.5 a sea fight in an artifical basin involving 30 full size warships
5.1.6 4 orginary games theatrical shows and chariot races
5.1.7 financial hand outs 400 SES 29 Urban plebs 24 12 BC Romana 2 BC

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