The Army and Navy

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1 Sea Power
1.1 naval bases at
1.1.1 Misenum and Ravenna
1.1.2 Forum lilii
1.1.3 Alexandria
1.1.4 Seleucia
1.2 Flotillas
1.2.1 Man maid port
1.2.2 Rhine
1.2.3 Danube
1.3 Sailors
1.3.1 free provincial/ commanders e.g. prefects
1.3.2 served for 25 years
2 Army
2.1 Cultural force
2.1.1 provided a common bond between the heterogeneous people of the empire use of latin native cultural life increasing influenced roman citizenship as an aspiration stimulates local economies in vicinity of bases
2.1.2 Romanisation
2.2 provincial troops
2.2.1 increasing need to rely on manpower of provinces auxiliary troops
2.2.2 number of troops probably equal to that of the legions 150,000 men
2.2.3 served in the area of their enlistment first hand knowledge of conditions and increased speed at which romanisation took place
2.3 Praetorian Guard
2.3.1 hand picked legionnaires who were based in Rome and Italy
2.3.2 not actually primarily the Princep's bodyguard troop of germans did that job
3 did augsutus trust the army
3.1 "however he never allowed more than three cohorts to remain in the city and even those were without a permanent camp, the rest he regularly sent to winter of summer quarters in the towns near rome"
3.2 "furthermore, he resricted al the soldiery everywhere too a fixed scale of pay and allowance, designating the duration of their service and the rewards on it's completion according to each man's rank, in order to keep them from being tempted to revolution after their discharge either by age or poverty"

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