The Roman Army


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The Roman Army
  1. Augustus realised that control and experience in the army was crucial to remaining in power that he purposefully ensured his successors had careers in arm: they would need the support and loyalty of the army in the future
    1. Army as propaganda
      1. imperator Emperor
        1. derives from a word for General
          1. the armed forces provided Augustus with propaganda opportunities
            1. Triumphs were held in Rome to celebrate victories
      2. Reforms to the army
        1. the need to reform
          1. no real standing army to man vast frontier regions
            1. burden of service to much on italians
              1. no enough man power
              2. no regular pay
                1. troop depended on commanders for rewards to end of service
                  1. loyalty to general not to state
                2. demobilisation
                  1. two major demobilisation's
                    1. 30
                      1. 14
                        1. 60 legions involved in Civil War with Octavian reduced to 28
                          1. loss o 3 legions in the Varian Disaster
                            1. not replaced so 25 by end of Augustus reign
                              1. 17th
                                1. 18th
                                  1. 19th
                                    1. AD9
                                2. treatment of Veterans
                                  1. Augustus personally settled 300,000 veteran, including Antony's troops
                                    1. settled thee troops in veteran colonies, paying 860,000,000 for the land to do this
                                      1. 30
                                        1. 14
                                          1. Vetrans settled were given cash rewards rather than land, and Augustus personally supplement this as there was not enough public money
                                            1. 7
                                              1. 2
                                        2. Terms of service
                                          1. Augustus introduced a fixed term of service for the Praetorians, legionnaries and auxiliary troops
                                            1. 13
                                              1. Praetorians
                                                1. 12 years
                                                2. legionaries
                                                  1. 16 years
                                                3. AD 6
                                                  1. Praetorians
                                                    1. 16 years
                                                    2. Legionaries
                                                      1. 20 years
                                                    3. Auxiliary troops
                                                      1. usually served for 25 years
                                                      2. however towards the end of Augustus reign a number of military revolts too place as a result of soldiers complaining of military service lasting unto 30 years
                                                    4. financial support by the state
                                                      1. for the first 30 years, Augustus personally financed the veteran settlements, by 6 AD could no longer
                                                        1. ran out of money
                                                          1. Established the Aerarium Militare
                                                            1. military treasury
                                                              1. funded by 1 percent sales tax and 5 percent inheritance tax
                                                      2. Key points
                                                        1. troops no longer financially dependent on their generals
                                                          1. removed connection between soldiers and generals that had been so disastrous to the Republic
                                                            1. Veterans loyalty now tended towards the state/gov as it provided veterans' pensions/ land etc.
                                                              1. this was confirmed by a personal oath of loyalty by the legions to Augutus
                                                                1. entrusted important command to members of his own Family
                                                                  1. tiberius
                                                                    1. Germanicus
                                                                      1. rather than old nobility
                                                                      2. army became increasingly attached to the imperial house
                                                                      3. Key reforms
                                                                        1. Demobilisation
                                                                          1. 30
                                                                            1. 14
                                                                            2. fixed terms of service
                                                                              1. 13
                                                                                1. 6 AD
                                                                                2. creation of military treasury
                                                                                  1. Purpose of these reforms
                                                                                    1. as well as improving the efficenty go the army forces, Tacitus is clear on the reason for these reforms
                                                                                      1. Augsutus won over the soldiers with gifts
                                                                                        1. he had excited the veterans by bribery
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