ESL stratgeies and Approaches

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ESL Approaches and Strategies for ESL

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ESL stratgeies and Approaches
1 A model for ELLS
2 CALLA is based on research
2.1 Application
2.1.1 Project basedsed Learning
2.1.2 pre teach Access prior knowledge and infuse culture into content
3 Content- Based Curriculum- Allows opportunities ESL students to catch up with mainstream students background knowledge. Students learn language but its not about the language Academic vocabulary is strategically taught.
3.1 Teachers can encourage academic language through collaboration, sharing, PBLS, and group projects.
3.2 Vocabulary Wall
3.2.1 Group Projects Ask higher order thinking questions. Application
4 Focoses on Prior Knowledge
5 Background of students
6 Academic Language- Is the language of learning vocabulary that is used primarily in textbooks, teaching vocabulary, assignments, assessments, and presentations
6.1 Helps students understand key words and phrases before they encounter them.
6.1.1 Encourage students to read diverse text. Application Sentence Frames Connections between Approaches and Methods- Prior knowledge, background knowledge, Vocabulary, and connection to culture are key components for ESL learners to be successful!! Approaches and Methodologies in ESL Summary frames
6.2 Model and scaffold instruction
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